When is it too hot or too cold to apply fertilizer to my lawn?

Feeding your lawn is best done when the grass is actively growing.

Depending on your location, you either have cool-season grassorwarm-season grass.

FOR COOL SEASON GRASSES, active growth occurs when temperatures are 60 to 70°F.

FOR WARM SEASON GRASSES, active growth will usually happen when temperatures are between 75 and 85°F.

Dormant grass doesn’t need to be fed. For example, if you live in an area where grass goes brown during the summer, you’ll want to avoid fertilizing it while it’s dormant.

As for the deepest winter months, there’s no benefit to feeding your lawn at that time of the year in most areas of the country, as the grass is dormant from the cold weather. Stay inside where it’s warm and daydream about the upcoming spring that will be here sooner than you know it!


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