photo  shows the effect of frost on lawn

Cold weather and lawn damage

February brought the coldest temperatures in over 30 years in much of the country and many people have lawns in need of help. Many lawns will experience something known as winter-kill.

According to Dennis Martin, PhD Professor & Turfgrass Specialist at Oklahoma State University “winter-kill occurs when part or all of a grass plant or turfgrass stand dies during the winter.”

Causes of winter-kill

  • Cycles of warm and cold weather disturbing the lawn’s dormancy
  • Ice crystals forming at the base of the plants
  • Prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures. Soil temperatures are more important than air temperatures according to Texas A&M Agrilife Extension.

Steps to Lawn Recovery

REMINDER: Check your irrigation system. There may be leaks due to burst pipes thanks to ice build up. But wait until after the last threat of freezing temperatures.

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