Description: Very bold flavor; for best results, use fresh leaves in foods


Add savory flavor to main and side dishes. Use sprigs for a fragrant garnish too! A popular herb used to enhance the flavor of beef such as steak or prime rib.


Adds shine and provides dandruff control for your hair. Rosemary has been found to help with memory function as well as relieve pain from minor sprains and injuries.


Make a simple syrup with the woodsy/pine flavor of rosemary. Using a mason jar, completely cover 6-10 rosemary sprigs in a cup of boiling water. Allow to steep for at least 20 minutes; then add a cup of sugar and stir until dissolved. Allow mixture to work its magic for a few hours then strain before adding to your favorite cocktail creation.


Steep a few sprigs of fresh rosemary in boiling water for five minutes. Strain out the rosemary and flavor with a squeeze of lemon and your sweetener of choice.