Portrait of happy girl carrying potted plant while relocating in a new home with her parents.

Packing up perennials

Moving to a new home can be exciting! You’ll have all new surroundings, friends to be made and local spots to explore. Once you start packing up for your move, it may feel like you’re practically packing away everything but the kitchen sink. You may even notice a few prized perennials that you’ve grown to love and want to take with you. Why not? As long as it has been negotiated within the terms of your home sale contract, you are good to go. So, let’s get to it!

Moving perennials to a new home is similar to how you would divide and transplant your perennials around the landscape.

  • Take transporting them into consideration. Do you have room to move them, or do you need a van or truck to transport them? Moving companies will more than likely not move your plants for you so keep that in mind when deciding which plants make the cut. In some cases, the plant you long to take with you is just too big or established to make the move. Find out how to take a piece of it with you by propagating it! Many perennials, trees and shrubs can be grown from a cutting.
  • Find the right containers to put them in. Take care of your plants by keeping as much of the root ball intact as possible. This will minimize the stress put on the plant and allow for a better transition to its new spot. If traveling a long distance, pack up your pots into boxes, using packing paper or bubble wrap to keep them secure while in transit. Allow for proper airflow by poking holes in the boxes or opening them up for a breath of fresh air and a drink, if needed.
  • Regulate the temperature of your perennials. If they are dormant, you should keep them cool to prevent premature growth. If you are moving in the warmer months, watch the thermometer to make sure they don’t wither and wilt under the heat. Another thing to keep in mind when moving perennials is the change in climate from your old location to the new. Will your plants survive the move only to meet their demise when they aren’t hardy enough? Check out what your new location’s hardiness zone is as well as rainfall amounts and other environmental factors that may have an impact on your plants survival.
  • Get your plants out and allow them to acclimate in their pots before moving them to their new spot. Remember that you are not the only one stressed about this move but with a little bit of planning, you can move your plants successfully; making you both feel at home in no time.

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