Middle eastern, arabic or mediterranean appetizers table concept with falafel, pita flatbread, bulgur and tomato salads, grilled vegetables, stuffed grape leaves,olives and nuts.

Mediterranean herbs

When it comes to Mediterranean cooking the senses are heightened by thinking about all of the spices and flavors. Don’t forget lots of garlic, onion, citrus, and spice—lots of spices along with these fresh herbs!

Dill is an aromatic herb that brings flavor to variety of classic Mediterranean recipes. Great for fish, especially salmon and vegetables. Also makes a nice complement to Tzatziki.

Marjoram is commonly compared to Oregano but with a more mild, floral flavoring. Pairs beautifully with meatballs, sausages, and salad dressings. A mild garnish for egg dishes and soups as well.

Rosemary adds bold flavor when added to meats and marinades but don’t stop there. Rosemary can be used to enhance vegetable dishes or use and entire sprig in a soup or stew for full on flavor infusion.

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