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Adding Pathways to Your Garden

A walkway is simple yet stunning way to connect your home and garden. Serving both as a functional and ornamental element of the garden, they can be as basic or elaborate as you wish. Define your space by selecting the materials that will best suit the existing landscape. If your current design has more sophisticated elements, you may choose to continue that with a brick path laid out in an intricate pattern. If your garden has a more relaxed, natural look to it, a mulch path may be more complementary. Not sure what you want? Let our ideas lead the way to a new pathway for your outdoor living space.

Pavers and Bricks

Definitely a more time-consuming choice but once it’s done, you don’t have to worry about it. Use online or professional resources to get a game plan to do this right the first time. Various shapes, textures and colors can be used to create minimal or complex designs that will take your walkway to the next level.


This medium has come a long way and can really be stunning with the use of stamps and color enhancements. A quick search on the internet will show the endless possibilities with concrete as your material of choice for your pathway project. Stamps can be used to give the appearance of bricks, natural stone or even wood planking. You can enhance it even further by applying pigment, stains and dyes for color and texture.


Assorted colors and sizes of gravel give you creative freedom when designing your path. You can line the edge with large rocks or plants to define the pathway before filling in with the gravel of your liking. Combine steppingstones with your gravel to have more visual impact. Make designs with varying colors of gravel to add contrast. If snow removal is unavoidable for your area, consider something more permanent as gravel will be easily shoveled and thrown when clearing a path for winter access.


A natural informal look perfect for a woodland setting. And who doesn’t love the smell of freshly laid mulch, right? Not only is it an affordable choice but it also blends in nicely with your already mulched flower beds. Installing and maintaining a mulch path is a pretty straightforward project for those of us that are short on time and funds. Consider buying it in bulk to save money and the environment with less plastic bag consumption.

Stepping stones

Create your own custom steps with hand painted patio squares. It adds a personal touch to your space plus you can get the kids involved to lighten the load!  Placing large slate pieces with low growing groundcovers suited for high traffic is a great option as well. If you’re looking for rustic appeal, a wood pathway may be more your style. Try laying out planks from old pallets or cutting branches and fallen trees for circular steps. Fill in the gaps with sand, stone, or groundcover.

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