Small fresh yellow bell pepper is growing in my garden in beautiful nature. bell pepper is good for health it contains vitamin c and other.This food good for health

Tips for growing peppers in containers 

Peppers are a warm season crop that are great for growing in containers! Make sure your plants are safe from frost before planting.

Pick the right location

In the case of peppers, they require full sun, so you’ll need at least 6-8 hours of daily sun to have healthy, productive peppers.

Pick the right peppers

Check out the labels for mature size so that you don’t try to grow a monster of a pepper in a small container. Watch for wording on signage or labels that describes the habit such as dwarf or bush. Larger, upright varieties can be grown successfully with the help of some supportive stakes or cages. 

Pick the right container

A large container with holes for drainage are critical for growing in containers. This will allow your pepper plenty of room to grow both above and below the soil surface. As plants get bigger, you can run the risk of them getting a bit top heavy. A larger container can anchor larger plants while allowing enough room for the roots to spread. Proper drainage is also a must as you’ll need to water your peppers often to avoid them drying out and wilting in the summer heat.

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