lawn care

Preventing lawn disease

Healthy lawns just require a little care to stay that way. Generally speaking, keeping your lawn healthy will help prevent lawn diseases and can help prevent weeds.

MOWING: It is critical that you maintain the recommended height for your variety of lawn.

  • A rule of thumb is to only remove one-third of the grass when cutting.
  • Keep blades sharp for a clean cut. Ragged edges and tearing are hard on the grass.
  • Change your mowing pattern each time you mow.

Try not to mow when your grass is wet. 

Check out our Mowing Height Guide for more details

WATERING: Watering deeply and less frequently helps roots to grow deeper and stronger. Never water your lawn at night. This can cause unwanted disease.

A tuna can, can help your lawn.

FEEDING: Regularly fed lawns absorb water and nutrients better than unfed lawns. Using a system like Scott’s® Turf Builder® is recommended because their all-in-one formulas make lawn maintenance a cinch!

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