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What is Brown Patch?

Brown patch is a fungal disease of cool-season turfgrasses. It can be identified as circular patches that are brown, tan or yellow.

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What is Rust?

Early symptoms include small, yellow flecks, they expand over time into raised pustules, yellow or orange, that rupture to release spores.

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What is Spring Dead Spot?

Spring Dead Spot is a fungus that occurs with Bermuda and Zoysia grass and can be identified by the appearance of circular patches from 6 inches to several feet in diameter.

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What is Red Thread?

Red Thread develops in circular or irregular patches from 4 to 24 inches in diameter. These patches are tan or bleached white in color.

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What is Pythium Blight?

Pythium blight mold first appears as small, sunken, circular patches up to 1 foot in diameter during hot, humid weather. Affected areas are matted, orange or dark gray in color and greasy in appearance.

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