What is Red Thread?

Red Thread develops in circular or irregular patches from 4 to 24 inches in diameter. These patches are tan or bleached white in color. From a distance, the patches usually have a reddish appearance, due to the presence of thick, red strands of fungal growth. It is through production of these “red threads (sclerotia)” that the fungus spreads to healthy plants and survives unfavorable conditions.

The Red Thread fungus is able to cause disease at temperatures ranging from 40 to 80°F but develops most rapidly at approximately 70°F. This fungus affects grass that is growing slowly for any reason: inadequate fertilization, drought stress, cool weather, low light intensity, excessive traffic, pests or environmental stresses.

Red Thread is most severe in the spring and fall, when extended periods of cool, wet, and overcast weather slow growth of the lawn and favor growth of the pathogen.

How to control Red Thread:

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