Tomato plants with ripe red tomatoes growing outdoors, outside, in a garden in England, UK

Tips for Growing Tomatoes


Find a sunny spot where your tomatoes will get at least 6-8 hours of sun.  You can grow in a garden plot or container, depending on the variety you decide to grow. 


Space the plants about six inches deep.  Tomatoes have the ability to grow roots from buried stems, help with stability as your plant grows and begins to produce fruit. Use a potting soil mix specific to growing vegetables.  These mixes will help with proper drainage and will include organic materials that are beneficial for the plants.


 Use a tomato cage to support your plants as they grow larger.  Cages will support the vines and the fruit as it matures.  They can also help keep plants in place if you live in a windy location.


 Use newspaper, mulch, or straw around the base of the plant to keep the soil slightly moist and to prevent splashing.  Water on leaves may lead to disease such as blight.  Keep the cutworms away by using newspaper, paper cups or plates to create a collar for the stem of your newly planted tomato.


Feed your plants with a fertilizer formulated for fruits and vegetables. Follow instructions for rate and frequency of feeding for healthy roots, shoots and fruits.

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