What is Dollar Spot?


Affected Varieties – All grasses

Dollar Spot is a fungal disease of most cool and warm season turfgrasses. It is identified by the spots that appear in the turf, usually expanding up to 6 inches or more in diameter. You’ll notice leaves with white or tan lesions and light reddish-brown margins. As the disease progresses, the leaves will become girdled and the upper part dies slowly and fuzzy white areas can be seen with the morning dew.

It begins growing in the spring, but the symptoms may not present themselves until late spring or early summer. The fungus requires extended periods of wetness.

While many factors can’t be controlled, like prolonged periods of wetness and cloudy weather are inevitable but there are factors that can reduce the occurrence of Dollar Spot.

Photos and content generously provided by The Lawn Institute

The Lawn Institute

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