What is Fairy Ring?

Various fungi

Affected Varieties – All grasses

Fairy Ring is a circular or arc pattern formed by many different species of fungi. The symptoms of Fairy Ring appear in patches, rings or arcs that are initially 12 inches or less in diameter but expand in size year after year. There are three types of symptoms commonly found in turfgrass.

The type of symptom expressed by a particular fairy ring may change during the year according to weather conditions. Type I and II symptoms are most common during hot, dry weather in the summer. Type III fairy ring symptoms are more prevalent during extended periods of wet weather.

  • Type I, kills the turf in patches, rings, or arcs because the thatch and soil are extremely dry and repel water.
  • Type II, appears as rings or arcs of turf that are dark green and grow faster than the surrounding turf.
  • Type III, produces mushrooms or puffballs in a ring or arc.

Photos and content generously provided by The Lawn Institute

The Lawn Institute

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