What is Gray Leaf Spot?

Gray Leaf Spot


Affected Varieties – Perennial Ryegrass, St Augustine, Tall Fescue

Gray Leaf Spot is a fungus that appears as tan spots on the leaves and have a dark brown border. When the leaves are wet or humidity is high, the leaf spots turn gray and fuzzy with profuse spore production. Significant damage to the turf may occur as the disease continues to progress. Gray Leaf Spot is most severe in newly established turfgrass and is typically most severe in the first year of establishment. Gradually the fungus becomes less damaging as the turf matures.

Each grass type has varying susceptibility. St. Augustine mowed frequently during the summer months to remove excess leaf tissue, keep the canopy open and dry, and remove developing gray leaf spot lesions. Stress of any kind will encourage gray leaf spot development in Tall Fescue and Perennial Ryegrass.

Some factors that can reduce the occurrence of Gray Leaf Spots are:

Gray Leaf Spot

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