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Not all fertilizers are alike, what’s the difference?

Deciding what type of fertilizer to buy can be confusing but choosing the right one will help ensure successful plant growth. In general, there are two classes of products available to home gardeners: naturally derived (sometimes called natural organic) and synthetic. Each has different characteristics, variability in cost and availability to the plant.

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I forgot to fertilize last fall! What do I do?

Back to all If you didn’t fertilize last fall, take a deep breath, and relax.  Resist the urge to double up in the spring. Adding more than the recommended amount in spring is not only wasteful but can also damage your lawn. Instead, spread 32-0-4 grass fertilizer after the first mowing, then again four to six…

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How do I kill weeds while fertilizing my lawn?

Back to all questions Piece of cake! Simply choose a fertilizer with weed control, sometimes referred to as a weed-and-feed. Applying a weed and feed kills weeds while feeding your lawn, saving you both time and money! There are different formulas created specifically for your region, some kill existing weeds and others may help prevent future…

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When is it too hot or too cold to apply fertilizer to my lawn?

Back to all Feeding your lawn is best done when the grass is actively growing. Depending on your location, you either have  cool-season grass or warm-season grass. FOR COOL SEASON GRASSES, active growth occurs when temperatures are 60 to 70°F. FOR WARM SEASON GRASSES, active growth will usually happen when temperatures are between 75 and 85°F. Dormant grass doesn’t…

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