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Drought Survival for Your Lawn

Preparing for drought conditions can save your lawn and your sanity.

Mark Your Calendar

Take time to schedule regular fertilizing and watering to make your lawn as healthy as possible ahead of the drought season, if possible. A healthy lawn with deep, established roots will fare better in times of drought.
Summer Lawn Care
Mow with Intention
Make sure your blades are sharpened and at the right height. Never cut more than 1/3 of the height of your lawn.  In times of drought, raise the mowing height to reduce stress.

Strategize Watering

  • Water your lawn in the morning or early evening to ensure saturation while avoiding disease. Water deeply and infrequently.
  • Once drought conditions begin to set in, identify areas of the lawn that need more attention due to their location or elevation. Sloped sections with water runoff or areas close to buildings that receive more heat will need extra attention.

Determine areas that you are willing to let go dormant during the drought to focus your limited water supply on prime or high value areas of lawn.

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