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Gray Leaf Spot

What is Gray Leaf Spot?

Gray Leaf Spot is a fungus that initially appears as spots on the leaves that are round or oval, tan in color, and have a dark brown border.

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What is Fairy Ring?

Fairy Ring are a circular or arc pattern formed by many different species of fungi that are initially 12 inches or less in diameter.

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What is Dollar Spot?

Fungus Affected Varieties – All grasses Dollar Spot is a fungal disease of most cool and warm season turfgrasses. It is identified by the spots that appear in the turf, usually expanding up to 6 inches or more in diameter. You’ll notice leaves with white or tan lesions and light reddish-brown margins. As the disease…

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Lawn damage during cold weather

February brought the coldest temperatures in over 30 years in much of the country and many people are with areas of their lawn that needs some help due to damage by the cold.

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