Male hand pouring water into the plastic stand for decorated organic Christmas tree from a plastic bottle in New Year eve in the city flat

Caring for your fresh Christmas tree

Keep your holiday merry and bright by properly caring for your fresh cut Christmas tree.

  • Acclimate the tree when you get home by leaving it in the garage, shed or basement for a few days. This allows time to become adjusted to a warmer environment. This will reduce the shock from being moved from the cool outdoors to a warm, cozy home interior.
  • Cut 1-2 inches off the base of tree before placing it in the tree stand. This will help with water absorption. Make sure your tree stand is large enough to hold your tree and ample water; at least one gallon.
  • Water your tree daily, ensuring that the base is never left dry. Prevent drying out by placing the tree away from heat sources like air ducts, heaters, or a fireplace. Unplug lights when you’re not enjoying the tree to thwart drying out and avoid fire hazards.

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