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Light on demand

Cute? Check! Fun? Check? Convenient? Check! Useful? Check!

When it comes to lighting up our evenings outdoors, if we don’t have a electric to power our lights, oftentimes we have to settle for candles or battery operated lanterns. Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with them, but there are alternatives that are as good looking as they’re easy to use, no to mention rechargeable.

These Bolleke rechargeable LED lights from Fatboy are 8 inches in diameter and come with a 19″ silicone cord that you can loop around a rope, tree branches or a patio umbrella for a festive al fresco dinner.

They come with their own USB charger and the charge lasts up to 24 hours. It has three settings to create just the right ambiance.

Now the only problem is which of the 6 colors to choose from, we are partial to the vibrant shade of red, but any of the other colors are just as great. 

Maybe at $129 a piece they’re more expensive than a a bunch of candles but extending the amount of time you can spend outside enjoying your patio has no price.

You can get it from FatboyWest Elm or


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