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Tiki torch update just in time for summer

This exotically named Thierry le Swinger light is the tiki torch update we have been hoping for a long time.

While many of us may still be suffering winter blues, nothing prevents us from starting planning for summer, sitting on a green lawn with these lamps casting a gentle light on an intimate gathering.

With style to spare, the Thierry stands at 58 inches — if you use the two stakes included. And the versatility doesn’t end there, the light also comes with a 10.5-foot-long silicone cord that lets us hang it from a tree or rope above a table.

The light is 16″ in diameter and it’s a perfect disc that casts a dimmable (I know!) light. Depending on the brightness, each charge can last anywhere from 6.5-42 hours! 

The light includes a USB charging cable and a carrying case, in the event you want to take it with you to the beach or store it when you’re not using it.

But with a light that looks like that, frankly, we don’t see the point to store it at all! We’d be displaying it even in the winter!

The light comes in three colors that are equally stylish.

You can get it at Fatboy or and it costs $179.


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