Rain Barrel

Saving a few dollars on your water bill is as easy as building a rain barrel.



Get creative, paint bottles white and decorate them using permanent markers.

Step 1

Determine best placement for spigot—be careful to not install too low so that you cannot fit your watering can underneath the spout. Using a drill bit that is slightly smaller than (or same size as) the spigot, drill hole.

Step 2

Place a nut, hard washer, and rubber washer on the faucet end and insert in the barrel hole. (see drawing)


Step 3

Inside the barrel, place rubber washer, hard washer and nut.

Step 4

Tighten nuts toward each other, compressing rubber washer to seal barrel.


Step 5

Carefully cut a hole in the lid of your rain barrel, being sure that the hole will easily line up with your home’s downspout, so water will run directly into your barrel. Be sure to cut the hole so it is large enough to accommodate the water flow from the downspout.

Step 6

Drill a couple of holes near the top of the rain barrel to allow for water to overflow.

Step 7

After cutting a piece of landscaping fabric large enough to cover barrel opening, put the lid on firmly to secure it in place. The fabric will help prevent debris, mosquitoes and other pests from getting in your water.

Step 8

Position the rain barrel directly underneath the downspout, lining it up with the hole you cut in the lid.  

Helpful Tip: Position your rain barrel on top of a slightly raised platform to help give more pressure for hose connections, and also makes it easier for filling watering cans.


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