lawn twister game instructions DIY

Lawn Twister

Take advantage of your green lawn and create a giant board game. Encourage children and adults alike to test their balance and twist like pretzels.



Get creative, paint bottles white and decorate them using permanent markers.

Step 1

Create a template for the circle. Draw a circle of 7 1/2” in diameter on the cardboard.

Tip: The bigger the circle, the larger the board will be, and the harder is it for smaller children.

Step 2

Cut out the circle using scissors.

Step 3

Measure to determine the dimensions of the board

Tip: The more players the more circles you’ll need. A traditional Twister has 24 circles for a maximum of 4 players, plan adding 6 circles per extra person.

Step 4

Establish the perimeter of your board using stakes and string.

Step 5

Using the cardboard circle template, paint circles on the grass with spray paint, alternating rows of colors for a traditional Twister pattern. You can also mix the colors up for extra fun. Wait for paint to dry.


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