Giant Tic-Tac-Toe

The simple rules of this game make it a child favorite, but adults get a treat with this large version of the board game.



Your lush, green lawn is the perfect background for this board game. Take full advantage of it.


Step 1

Determine the dimensions of the board, around 6’x6’. But you can make it as large as you want.

Tip: Set up two (or more) boards side by side and organize a friendly competition.


Step 2

Use stakes to divide the board into 9 even areas.

Step 3

Connect the stakes with the string to create the familiar tic-tac-toe board.

Tip: Use colorful string or rope to make it more fun, you will find plenty of options at your local improvement store.

Step 4

Paint rocks with X’s and O’s.

Tip: Instead of rocks, use pieces of scrap wood, paper plates, even cornhole bags in two different colors, you can even toss the bags onto the board cornhole style.

Step 5

Have fun connecting three in a row and connecting with family and friends.


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