Bean Bag Ladder Toss

Create a game of skill and luck with a few items you already own. Using a ladder, bean bags and paper, you can make a personalized toss game that is fun for all ages! 



Have fun and add your own spin to the lawn game to keep it interesting and challenging.

Step 1

Find or make your bean bags.

Here’s a tutorial: Make your own tossing bean bags

Tip: To make a bean bag fill a plastic sandwich bag with rice and a few drops of food coloring. Shake a few seconds Seal the bags with duct tape.

Step 2

Set up ladder.

Step 3

Cut paper to a card size and write points on it and tape to the steps of the ladder.

Tip: Be creative with points or do a sequential order from highest to lowest.

Step 4

Determine where the tossing line will be and adjust as needed for skill level.


Step 5

Take turns launching bean bags at the ladder. Points are scored with each toss that makes it through a ladder rung.  Keep track of your points and play either until you reach a certain score or by the most points after a certain number of rounds.


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