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Wildfire-resistant landscape can protect your home

Spring is known for being a time of increased incidence of forest and wildfires because the trees, grasses and other plants are dry or dead from winter desiccation. Additionally, climate change is a factor in more frequent wildfires.

Installing the right kind of plants growing near your home can mean the difference between saving and losing your home to a wildfire. For example, a conifer tree that has a lot of dead lower branches or built-up needles on the ground can “torch” during a wildfire. If that tree were growing next to your home, it could ignite your house from both proximity and fire brands drifting from the burning plant. 


Flowering plant



Good housekeeping in your gardens can help a great deal in preventing the spread of wildfires, but starting with the right plant and having an eye for its fire resistance can help to protect to your home in the event that a wildfire occurs near where you live. 

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