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Lawn care tips to save some green

A few adjustments to a lawn care routine and a little bit of planning could help you save some cash while still enjoying a lush, green lawn. You’ll one surprised how easy to follow these tips are.

The Right Variety

Reducing watering and feeding is possible when you have the right grass. Find a variety that suits your needs and your area whether that means something that's a bit more drought tolerant or perhaps a slow grower to reduce mowing frequency. Talk with a garden professional or a local extension office on what type of grass will perform best for you.
Find a variety for your area

Mower Musts

A well-tuned mower will make speed up the mowing while saving you time and money. Routine, preventative maintenance will save on gas and oil while making your mower run smoothly. A simple way to improve mower efficiency, overall appearance and health is to sharpen the blades.
PRO TIP: Sharpen your blades twice a year for best cutting performance.
Winterize your lawn equipment

No Bag, No Problem

Recycle your grass clippings to feed your lawn, this will save you time since you won’t need to empty your bagger. It also supplements your lawn by adding nitrogen with each cutting therefore reducing the need for nitrogen fertilizer. Another way to add nutrition to your lawn is by top dressing with a layer of compost. It will improve your soil while greening up the grass.
Know when to bag

Make it Rain

Save resources and your budget by focusing on your watering practices. Most experts recommend watering deeply and less frequently. This approach encourages root growth and decreases the chances of disease and weeds. Time of day can impact how much water is needed to keep your lawn looking green and healthy. Morning watering is best to avoid evaporation in the summer months and prevent disease.
PRO TIP: You may be able to shave a few dollars off that water bill by checking your irrigation system. Fine tune the timing, check for broken sprinkler heads, and adjust spray patterns to avoid watering the sidewalk.
Irrigation by variety

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