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Gagdets to Make Gardening a Little Easier

Having the right tool for the job makes all the difference in any project. Whether it’s an orbiting saw for a DIY project in the garage or a salad spinner for the fresh lettuce you grew in the garden, you can find a new gadget to make the work easier, faster, and maybe even fun! Gardening season is here and no better time than now to take a peek at some new tools and toys for your yard and garden.

Watering Kits

Keep your tomatoes and hanging baskets watered throughout the summer with ease by installing a drip kit. Complete kits come with instructions and everything you need to set up a fool proof system for keeping your plants happy and hydrated. Kits can be found at big box stores, local garden centers and even online. In addition to the kits, there are smart controls that you can incorporate with your watering systems. You can water your plants on preset schedule or when you’re away from the home running errands or on vacation.
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Robot Lawnmowers

They have been on the scene for a few years now and keep getting better with improvements in maneuverability, sensors for rain and foreign objects and cutting capacity. Majority of these are app friendly too, allowing you to schedule your lawn mowing needs from the comfort of your lawn chair. Consider your lawn needs when hunting for your robot lawnmower. Certain mowers are better suited for tight corners and smaller spaces whereas others may be best for a sloped yard. You will need to spend time during setup to make sure boundaries are set and everything is inline but after that, you will have minimal work to do when it comes to weekly mowing!
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Bulb and Bedding Plant Auger

You’ve just returned from the garden center with a truckload of plants. Now you have to figure out where to put them and get to the digging. Digging individual holes for each plant or bulb can be a real time sucker. With a simple auger drill bit and a hand power drill, you can make quick work with transplanting all those bedding plants into the ground. It also comes in handy with getting those bulbs tucked in before winter.

Leaf Clean Up

Scoops and chutes will cut down on time spent cleaning up leftover leaves missed or ignored last fall. Large plastic scoops help you grab more than a handful of leaves and other yard debris. Using a chute or other attachment made to fit on your paper leaf bags will be a game changer for those of us who struggle with keeping those blasted bags in place while raking.

When the work is done and you’re ready to relax, check out these fun add-ons to your outdoor living space. A few simple enhancements can take your entertaining to the next level or just make a quiet night at home that much comfier.

Personal Projectors

Watch your favorite movie or sporting event with a personal projector. There are several kinds available to suit your every viewing need. Check out the ones with built in Wi-Fi, long lasting batteries, and speakers to make set up quick and simple. You can also use them to do a slideshow of photos at your next special event like a wedding or graduation.
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Fire Pits or Patio Fireplace

Spend the evening around the fire, making smores and sharing stories. Fire pits and tables are becoming an essential part of backyard entertainment. There are several options available to fit your current set up including fire pits for wood or gas, fire pit tables or a chiminea. A popular selection is the fire pit table with showy, colorful glass and uses propane or natural gas. Adds ambiance and warmth to any evening gathering.
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Bluetooth Bonanza

Just about anything and everything connects to Bluetooth these days including a variety of fabulous outdoor gadgets such as speakers, lighting and even your grill. Keep an eye on your sirloin steaks while chilling on the patio with Bluetooth thermometers. These smart thermometers connect to an app that will help you get just the right temperature when you’re grilling out. Speakers are a mainstay for outdoor living. Check out a more decorative speaker that has lighting or a cover to seamlessly blend into the landscape. Smart lights can be used to flash along with your music on the weekend or be dimmed with a timer for a more intimate setting.
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