Closeup of a woman mowing the grass with lawn mower.

Fire up that mower and burn some calories

We’ve all heard about the importance of staying active. Aiming for thirty minutes of activity a day can make a quite an impact on your overall health. Combining the need for physical activity with an interest you enjoy, such as gardening, is a win-win situation. You can burn calories just as easily pushing a lawnmower as you would walking on a treadmill. So why not go for it?!

According to, “The number of calories burned mowing the lawn depends on several factors, including your weight and how much effort you put in. Using a manual mower requires more effort and hence burns more calories than cordless electric mowers.”

As with any exercise routine, it is best to start out slow and increase intensity and duration over time as you progress.

Check your engines

Start by making sure you and your mower are ready to go. Check the mower for any maintenance needs such as sharpened blades, proper fluids and fuel or a charged battery.

Get Ready

Give yourself a few minutes to get warmed up too with some light stretching and use proper footwear.

Keep track

A fitness tracker may also come in handy to see and track your efforts. You can also find many useful resources online to calculate your calorie expenditure if that interests you.

Build up

Take your time and allow for breaks as you build up your strength and endurance.  

Lucky for you the lawn will keep growing and you’ll keep mowing. By the end of the season, not only will you have a well manicured lawn, but you’ll be also feeling better and stronger! Mowing can easily become part of your weekly fitness routine with rewards that are twofold.

Reference: Andra Picincu, CN, CPT Updated March 4, 2020 How Many Calories Does Mowing the Lawn Burn?

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