With advancements in technology, the sky is the limit with entertaining outdoors. Adding a flat screen tv and decorative lighting to your outdoor space adds ambiance and entertainment throughout the year. Incorporate wireless speakers into your design to play your favorite tunes at the push of a button. Be the Game Day Destination.

Raised garden bed, the easy way

Using a raised bed to garden to plant vegetables is a great idea, except when you need tools to build it, then it becomes a larger project than originally expected. Enter InstaBrace®

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Lightweight movie projectors

With warmer weather comes more opportunities to use your lawn in a million ways. How about an outdoor movie theater? We have 3 projectors to get you started.

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Dummy security camera

They look just like my SecurityMan cameras, they even light up with a red LED light but they’re dummy cameras that may deter would-be thieves.

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Inflatable movie screen

Watch your favorite movies or play video games on an inflatable big screen. They usually come with their own pump, are very lightweight.

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